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Compact Flash Daughter Card

Our Compact Flash Daughter Card is the easiest & most affordable way available to add removable flash storage to your Texas Instruments DSP Starter Kit (DSK). It serves as a reference design for DSP projects requiring Compact Flash storage, reducing your development effort. It will work with any DSK that complies to TI's Cross-Platform Daughtercard Specification. Schematic included.

Included Features:

  • True IDE Mode Design
  • Plugs directly into your DSK (stackable design)
  • All CF signals accessible via breakout connector
  • All signals can be bypassed via jumpers
  • Card Detect circuit
  • Power LED
  • Disk Active LED
  • Low-level CF Library (512MB limitation)
  • Example CCS project
  • Price: $225.00

Unlimited Low-Level Compact Flash Library

Our Unlimited Low-Level Compact Flash Library can read & write all sectors on the card. The driver included with the daughter card is a limited version which allows you to read and write sector data up to the first 512MB of the card. The unlimited version is available below for an additional cost. It is currently available for the C5000 & C6000 platforms only (*).

  • Price: $299.00

*NOTE: Source code for this library is also available, and is generic enough so that it can be ported easily to many other DSK platforms. Please Contact us for more information.

Daughter Card + Unlimited Library Bundle

Bundle our Compact Flash Daughter Card together with the Unlimited Low-Level Compact Flash Library (currently available for C5000 & C6000 only) and save $99!

  • Price: $425.00

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